Most affordable and reliable School Management Software for Secondary and Tertiary School Institution.

RS-Live is an online/cloud based school management system specifically designed to be used in Nigeria Primary, Secondary and Tertiary institutions for Result Computation, Grading System, Online Result Publication/Online Result Checking System using Scratch Card, Automatic Class Position, Automatic Student's Promotion, Students Registration etc.

It is composed of TWO major modules which are the RS-Live Administrative Panel and RS-Live Client/User Panel.

With RS-Live, computing a class result will take you less than 1 Hour.

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RS-Live 2.0 Features

RS-Live has everything you need to manage students result in your school. It just works. It's easy to learn and use. It looks great. It's priced fairly with no hidden costs. 24/7 Phone and email support is 100% free.

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  • Students Enrollment Process
  • Exams and Records System
  • Attendance Registry
  • Result Grading System
  • Online Result Checking System
  • Students Promotion Process
  • Timetable Management
  • Web Application
  • Transportation System
  • Class Assessment

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